Oh yes! Absolutely without pausing for thought,every guy has been devastated at least onceifnot many times. It might come as a shock to you but men are believed...



Oh yes! Absolutely without pausing for thought,every guy has been devastated at least onceifnot many times. It might come as a shock to you but men are believed to suffer from break ups more because they suppress their emotions. Since when was it that feeling heartbroken was gender specific? It’s a necessity in a man’s nature to have to appear strong when all he feels isweakness. Even though they might not show it because they don’t stay up all night crying, deep down they have their own way of dealing with it and that’s the ‘I’m So Mad I Could Care Less’ Reaction in front of everyone.


Getting Away With the Boys “Guys Night Out”

First thing a guy does is call his friends. It’s common for guys to seek out company to keep their mind distracted. They don’t usually talk to their friends about their breakup or the pain they aregoing through but the company of their friendsjust helps in distracting them.


The Drunken Stupor

Most men go out on a drinking binge to ease their pain after a break-up. These guys are looking for an easy way to feel better, and since they don’t feel comfortable showing their weakness in front of their friends, they let alcohol do the cheering up for them.


Acceptance and the One Night Stand

It’s in their blood! Once you see your ex flirting with other women it doesn’t mean he’s over you! Some men deal with breakups by trying to forget their ex as quickly as possible. They start flirting again, begindating again or just go about having casual flings in an effort to ease the memory of their ex.


Party Hard

What can numb pain like nothing else? Well many things like loud music, crazy crowds and the energy forpartying. Many guys are known to handle pain by indulging in some mad partying. Having women and drinks everywhere you look, it’s the best of both worlds for them.


Eat To Numb the Mind

Emotional Food! Indulging in junk food becomes a means of numbing one’s mind and sabotaging the body unconsciously due to the suffering inside. Eating being a mechanical activity helps men keep busy in some way. The stupor created by over-eating helps numb the mind off its ceaseless thinking;making thisthe number one distraction of all time.


Drown the Pain in Work

This is the time where men start putting all their energy and thought in something instead of HER. Work almost becomes a means of escaping from the pain of past memories.


Watch TV Aimlessly

Some guys just blank their minds by watching TV mechanically or play video games. They usually end up holding the controller or the remote until they dose off, butmostly it is for the distraction rather than real interest at that point.


Take To Physical Workouts

Guys have been known to hit the gym with vengeance to handle the pain of a breakup. The physical pain of weight lifting is used to offset the mental pain of memories

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