Uptwon Beirut: A must visit place.

Uptwon Beirut: A must visit place.
Last week on Saturday night, me and my friend wanted to have a nice dinner in Naccache area, when we passed by ‘’UPTOWN BEIRUT’’, big, yet a cozy place that reminds you of old Beirut architecture with a modern touch and a vast parking area.
While stepping into the place, the valet person asked us if we have a reservation, we told him not, so he said the place is fully reserved.

After a couple of days we came again, everything was good, the valet person was so friendly as well as the hostesses, while trying to choose a table to take, again we couldn’t find a table which is not reserved.
Frustrated we decided to leave but not without informing the manager with what happened with us twice.
As the manger was in a meeting, I had to take his phone number and contacted him while we were leaving and explained to him the situation, as soon as I finished I found him outside looking for us and refusing us to leave upset.
He gently apologized and invited us in, then the owner of the place came as well and apologized for the inconvenience in a very nice way.

It was a warm welcome from them not to be forgotten.
We had a delicious Lebanese dinner with a perfect presentation, the food was tasty, as well as the complementary dessert
With a warm goodbye from the staff we left happy.
It is a must visit place that I recommend to all the people who likes good food and a wonderful setting.
Signature: A satisfied customer


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