Mireille Dagher honors Sabah: I wanted to offer her a flower through this collection

In a first ceremony of its kind almost two years after the death of the Lebanese singer and actress Sabah, the Lebanese designer Mireille Dagher honored in Liza Restaurant...


In a first ceremony of its kind almost two years after the death of the Lebanese singer and actress Sabah, the Lebanese designer Mireille Dagher honored in Liza Restaurant in Beirut the memoryof the “Diva of Music” who introduced the Arabic art to the world through her beautiful voice and impressive appearances making her a symbol of elegance and a first-class star in her brilliant presence.

The history of Sabah is engraved with dresses, colors, jewelry and accessories which characterized her television appearances, concerts, movies and theatre performances. The dresses of the Lebanese singing legend marked her artistic and national path.


In this event entitled Tribute Couture Collection prevailedthe oldiesatmospherein an old building where hanged from the ceiling pictures showing all the stages of the life of the diva to salute and honor her while playing her most famous songs to make the audience feel nostalgic to such a beautiful time.

Mireille Dagher designed nearly 22 dresses sewn from brocade, silk, organza, lace and Gazarwhere prevailed embroidery and fame golden colors, ivory, off-white, blackand petroleum inlaid with Swarovski. The designsvaried between classic and modern styles; some of the designswere tight with the addition of a cape hanging from the shoulders adding a luxurious and royal look while other designs were wide done professionally for an elegant, sophisticated and magical look. The dresses were distributed in the ceremony in five rooms where Dagher surprised the audience that included media and artfigures.

Mireille Dagher presented this collection entitled“Sabah” in Beirut and not in Paris or Milan as Sabah is the heart of Lebanon. This initiative is considered offeringa flower to the diva.


The designs dazzled the audience who expressed their admiration to a collection that combined sophistication and simplicity together at the same time reflecting the personality of Sabah characterized by goodness although she was and will remain a “Legend”.


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