JouéClub inaugurates the 8th and biggest store in the Middle East

A new Paradise of toys in Ghazir, Lebanon

Beirut, July 15, 2016:  Every kid’s dream of entering a huge toy store became a reality when JouéClub opened its 8th store in Ghazir, Lebanon, on Thursday July 14th, 2016; the biggest branch in the Middle East with more than 2300m2 of toys and baby products, a real paradise for kids and grown-ups.


A large number of families, kids, media and JouéClub partners and employees attended the opening ceremony of the new Ghazir branch which was covered by Light Fm and the Tanguy Road Show. Kids and adults alike were treated to numerous shows and animations such as a magic show, and the invisible man act who astonished the invitees. The mimes show was equally impressive and entertained every invitee. In addition to the above animations, a clown show made the children explode in laughter, and a trendy CanCan dance show definitely put everyone in the partying mood. Kids’ laughter and smiles embellished this beautiful evening which was capped with the distribution of gifts for all attendees.

Mr. Wael Sinno, Managing Partner of JouéClub said: “I am very happy today to see that JouéClub is taking this big step forward by opening a huge store, especially amid all the turmoil of the region that negatively affected the Lebanese economy. Despite all this, we are proving that Lebanon will remain strong and able to invest in new opportunities that will make it shine so bright. The most beautiful thing about this day was seeing the dazzle in the kids’ eyes while entering this toy paradise.”


Mr. Anthony Ziade, Managing Director of JouéClub, stated: “We are very proud to see the JouéClub brand growing, especially in Lebanon and soon in Qatar. This Ghazir branch marks the opening of the biggest toy store in the Middle East, and proves that we are a leader and pioneer in the toy industry.”


In business since 1950, JouéClub is France and Lebanon’s leading toy retailer with more than 350 stores worldwide. It has a wide collection of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics andbaby products, thus being the favorite destination for babies, kids of all ages, parents, families, mothers and expecting mothers. It offers a unique selection of new toys, old favorites, and many other great items across 8 stores in Lebanon. It is noteworthy that JouéClub will be opening very soon in Qatar, thus adding new members to this toy store’s family of loyal clients.

The opening of the new branch in Ghazir is proof that JouéClub is always aiming high in order to spread joy all over the world, after all, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the beautiful smiles and joy on kids’ faces when walking into JouéClub.


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